Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Catching Up With Connor: 27 Months

I wanted to do a little review of what Connor’s doing and saying and just...knowing lately, mostly for me (remember, this blog is like my scrapbook) but also for our family and friends who know and love him but don’t get to see him as often.
Instead of “I” or “me,” Connor says “my.”  So, for instance, we hear, “My do it” and “My coming, Mama!” as he slides on his belly down the stairs.  The other night I was taking Connor and Monte on a walk and he said, out of nowhere, “My happy.”  I translated it back to him to make sure I understood what he was saying: “Are you happy?”  And he simply said, “Yeah.”  Any parent would be happy to hear that, but it was especially nice for this working mom to hear.

The McHusband gave Connor some cashews and he ate a couple pieces then picked up one that was whole.  He held it up, looked at it and said, “Moon.”  Why yes, my genius son, a cashew is moon shaped. #harvardherewecome
Continuing with the topic of my son's obvious brilliance, his other amazing skill is counting.  Sure, it's only to two and it seems more reliable when there's food involved, but hey, we all need motivation, right?  I had made some blueberry muffins for Teacher Appreciation Week at daycare and while I sent regular-sized muffins in to the teachers, I made some mini muffins to keep at home.  When Connor finished his dinner, I offered him a muffin as a treat, and as soon as I turned away after handing him one, I heard, "My want two."  How could I say no?
I am almost always surprised when Connor recalls something without any prompting.  Sunday night, just before bed, we were playing with his indoor basketball goal and throwing the balls around.  He then went across the room to get the blanket on the back of the couch because he apparently remembered that night when we got back from our Nashville trip (Easter Sunday) and we each held part of the blanket and bounced a ball around on it.  We hadn’t done that since and it was only the one time but apparently it stuck with him. 

He loves Jeeps right now, thanks to My Truck is Stuck.  And we practice our colors when we see them.  He knows red ones without our help and even called out a purple one – and he was right!
Connor loves to “help” the McHusband outside: mowing the grass on the tractor, shoveling dirt, sweeping, it doesn’t matter what the chore is, Connor thinks it’s great fun.  Let’s hope he hasn’t lost ALL that enthusiasm when he’s 12 and can actually be of assistance.  He also likes to use my broom inside so if I can just get him to sweep with intention, I’m thinking he can be promoted from Apprentice to Head Sweeper sooner than later.  (I realize that most kids go through a helper or monkey see-monkey do phase so this isn’t something unique to Connor; I’m just trying to write down that he’s doing it now for my own recollection looking back.)
Connor is a generally happy kid and I’m going to give most of the credit to the McHusband and me.  I mean, I think it’s in Connor’s nature to be agreeable, but even nice people can be grouchy when they are tired or hungry or not taking care of themselves.  We try to make sure that Connor gets enough sleep, eats well, and gets his fair share of fresh air while limiting any TV watching.  He only ever watches either Chuggington or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and if he watches at all during the week, it’s typically just one 25-minute episode when we get home (while the McHusband and I feed animals and get Connor’s dinner together) or maybe two episodes on a weekend day: one in the morning and one in the evening.  Oh!  That’s another thing that’s new.  Mickey is meant to be interactive and we’ve started hearing Connor answer questions when the characters ask them.

There’s so much more to our little towhead that I could go on and on.  But I don’t have the energy to break it all up with pictures and, let’s face it, a post with all text just isn’t as much fun to read.  Just take my word that he’s a special little guy.  Not that I’m biased… ;)