Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Spring officially started a couple Saturdays ago, but with the winter we had, I needed to see evidence of spring to believe the winter weather really was just a bad memory.

Here's the cherry tree by our driveway. I'd say it's pretty good evidence that Mother Nature's mood has improved.

The flowers on the tree are so dainty and pretty. Too bad they have to turn into leaves.

In the middle of the front yard, we tore out the willow tree and planted a Cleveland Pear last May. It seems to have survived both the transplant and the harsh winter without any major complaints.

A sign of spring that makes me really happy is the sight of green on all the trees in the backyard. I'm so tired of gumballs! And so is Morgan - they get stuck between the pads of her feet. You don't know pitiful until you see Miss Gimpy hopping over on three feet so you can remove the bothersome gumball.

Yeah, yeah, I see that there are still some gumballs hanging on for dear life, but they'll be down soon enough and the McHusband and his mower will sweep them away to the great backyard in the sky.

And finally, one last sign of the warm weather yet to come.

Short hair!

No, that's not my neck. Vickie got the cutest haircut last week. Love the new 'do, Vickie!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness Part III

When we were done with the park, we headed to Chick Fil A for lunch. Now, CFA is barely five minutes from the park, but that's all the time it took for Owen to pass out.

He woke up from his little catnap hungry, though, and in a great mood considering how tired he was and how brief his rest was.

I couldn't believe it, but Owen and Lyla still had energy to burn after we ate so we spent some time in the CFA playground.

The CFA slide was slick, and EVERYone enjoyed their ride down.

Finally, it was time to go back to the house and pack everything up. As we were putting shoes on, Lyla sat on the McHusband's lap and he teased her by blowing on her head. She laughed and it was so cute, but by the time I got the camera ready, she was done with that game.

The McHusband and I did our best to keep Owen and Lyla occupied so my mom, Shannon, and Amy could gather all their belongings and pack the van up.

Lyla and the McHusband went out into the backyard.

Then Morgan and I joined them, and Lyla practiced her bossing around. I think the look on Morgan's face is best summed up as "Huh?"

She tried to get Lyla to play HER way.

Suffice it to say, neither of them was too successful in getting the other to play her way.

It was a great weekend and it was wonderful to spend so much time with Owen and Lyla (and of course with Mom, Shannon, and Amy, too). They grow so much in between visits.

{The babies, not Mom, Shannon and Amy.}

I'm meeting up with Bri, Lyla, Mom, Shannon and Owen in a couple of weeks. We're going to the zoo in Asheboro, which should be a blast. I'm really excited to see how Lyla and Owen react to all the animals, and I hope they sorta remember me and warm up quickly when we all get together. I know I'll never be on Gma's level, but an aunt can hope. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness Part II

On Saturday, we went up to the park for the Easter festivities. Owen was Mr. GQ Junior in his brown and yellow and jean jacket. How adorable was he?

We had to walk a ways from the car to get to the field where the event was and the wind was really blowing, which made for a very chilly morning. But the sun was shining and we had on our layers.

Here's where we were headed:

But first we had to make a couple of stops. The first one was for the McHusband.

The next was for Owen and Lyla. We certainly couldn't walk by the playground without testing it out.

There were balloons bigger than our heads,

Cornhole, and bounce houses (Can I call it a bounce house if it's shaped like a caterpillar?).

The warmest people at the event were also the scariest: the Chick-Fil-A cow and an Easter Bunny who had seen better days.

Lyla liked being by the pond, and Owen enjoyed his front row seat of the live entertainment.

We stopped back by the "horsies" as we were leaving.

Time for lunch. "Come on, Uncle McHusband, let's go!"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness Part I

We had a full house for part of the weekend. Shannon, her friend Amy, my mom, Owen, and Lyla all came up for a whirlwind visit. There was a big consignment sale at the fairgrounds that Shannon wanted to check out so they came up Friday afternoon and then headed home a little less than 24 hours later.

We stayed outside for a bit when everyone first got here so that the kids could stretch their legs, and we even went on a short walk. When we got back to the house, Lyla was asking for "mouse," so we put a Mickey Mouse Club DVD on for her and Owen.

And Morgan.

Tucker wasn't too sure about all the "stuff" that accompanies babies on weekend trips. Once he conducted a thorough inspection and assessed the situation from afar, he decided it was okay to join the group but only if he could have the best seat in the house.

There were snacks and horseplay.

And later, there were Easter "baskets" to open. See, we were planning on going to the park by the old house on Saturday for the Easter festivities that the Town was putting on, and there was going to be an Easter egg hunt. Well, I couldn't let Owen and Lyla show up for an Easter egg hunt without something to put their treasures in, could I? And what fun is an empty "basket" - for me or for them?

Each pail had bubbles, a four-pack of Peeps, and three plastic eggs containing M&M's and colored Goldfish.

Uncle McHusband helped Lyla with her basket, and I helped Owen with his.

When we were done with the Easter pails, Shannon called Calvin so Owen could say goodnight. He was very excited to give his daddy kisses through the phone.

Owen says, "Mwah!"