Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look what I found!

When everyone was sneaking around behind my back to set up the surprise birthday party, they needed my iron and couldn't find it. They found the ironing board, but it wasn't very helpful without its partner in crime.

Okay, so the party was, what, more than two months ago? And we moved in last November? Well, guess what I found just the other day?

Tada, it's the iron!

I was putting clothes away and was actually able to get to the back of my closet and there it was, plain as day. It's even in its over-the-door holder-thingie.

I won't lie, I'm not that good at keeping my closet organized. On a good day, there's nothing on the floor but shoes and there's only a pile of workout pants on the dresser (yes, my closet's big enough for my dresser to fit inside). On a bad day... Well, let me show you.

There's a dog in there. Yes, there is, I promise. I know, some of you (namely The McHusband) are cringing at this picture. I'm sorry, it's my deep, dark secret: my closet's typically a mess. Thank goodness the McHusband and I don't have to share a closet anymore as I think it would be our undoing.

Okay, do I need to prove there's a dog in there? Here ya go:

You know your closet's either 1) big or 2) a big mess if you can lose a Great Dane in it.

So there you have it, I've admitted it: My name is Stephanie, and I have a messy closet.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Outdoor wedding in June

The McHusband's coworker got married yesterday.


At 5:00.

It was at least 95 degrees and humid as, well, you know where, and our seats were in the sun.

Before we left the house and starting sweating profusely, we looked pretty snazzy.

Thanks, Chelle, for letting me borrow the dress. I promise to have it sanitized before giving it back.

The groom's friend got ordained online and performed the ceremony.

"By the power vested in me by the internet..."

"You may kiss the bride!"

I'm sure it'll be fun for them to look back on their wedding pictures and see the strangers boating in the background.

The food was set up in a small room that had air conditioning and floor vents. Gotta love the floor vents.

But it was back outside to eat.

Luckily there was beer and wine and ponytail holders to keep us from being too miserable.

Awww, the happy bride and groom.

And one last picture cuz I thought it was a neat idea. Instead of a guestbook, they had everyone sign a rock. I'm not sure what they're going to do with them, but it was a fun twist on a tradition.

Congratulations, Mike and Madi! Welcome to the club.

Antiques Roadshow

The Antiques Roadshow was in Raleigh yesterday, and the McMom and I went. I don't know what was better - seeing what people were bringing in, or seeing the actual people. There was some very interesting people watching to do.

While in line, here're some of the items we saw.

Seemingly medieval weapons:

Pizza? We wondered if this guy thought the line was going to be longer than it was and figured he needed sustenance.

A table like one I have, except mine's in much better shape:

Here's mine beside the couch:

Mine has little wheels on the bottom, too, and it squeaks when it rolls just like the table at the show did.

As we were leaving the inner part where you were able to show your stuff to the appraisers and hope for a windfall (and where they were filming), I took this picture of people waiting in the various lines:

And then this is looking out over that scene a couple minutes later when we got up to the next floor.

Well, neither the McMom nor I are going to be rich if we sell what we took to the show, but it was a neat experience. Thanks for taking me, McMom!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not so much

This made me laugh out loud. The first dog in the video is exceptional. The second dog? Not so much. The clip of the second dog right after the caption is what made me laugh.

They remind me of Tucker and Morgan. Tucker's good at catching, especially when the object in the air is a treat. Morgan? Well, like the second dog in the video...not so much.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mr. Universe

Okay, maybe he wouldn't exactly stand a chance in the Mr. Universe bodybuilding competition, but he's MY universe, and he wins my heart every time.

I think I might see the underlying problem - the McHusband's trainer isn't exactly doing his job.

Keep up the good work!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Separated at birth?

We had dinner with our neighbors the other night and the husband, Scott, asked if anyone ever told me who I looked like. A long time (and 30 pounds) ago, I was told I looked like Jessica Biel. This was pre-JT, back in her 7th Heaven days.

Any guesses as to who he said I looked like?

Shania Twain.

I'm not sure I see it. What do you think?

Well, we both have brown eyes. Other than that... Wait, I think I just need one more picture.

Yep, I thought so. He was referring to our bodies. And since I have that same outfit in navy blue, which I wear to walk the dogs, I see how he made the connection so quickly.

I wish! (Uh, about the similar bodies, not the pleather outfit. Just wanted to make that VERY clear. Sorry, McH!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Barrel Monster

Have you guys heard about this?

I highly recommend you read this story in today's paper. It'll tell you how the Barrel Monster came to be and what's happening to its creator. Plus, it's just a really entertaining story about how no one really wants to press charges, and the mayor's even quoted as saying, "This guy certainly has talent." Oh, and the company who owns the barrels would actually like to have the Barrel Monster as a mascot.

TGIF and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Buddy Holly

I sorta fell down at work today.

I'd just come back from my lunch hour and, good wife-of-a-car-guy that I am, I parked next to one of the medians so I had a curb on one side of my car. I guess I parked a little close because I could only open my door so far due to a holly bush being in the way, and then I had to step up on the curb to walk away from my car.

I don't know what happened, but I lost my footing and went left-side-first into the holly bush. I don't know if anyone saw what happened, but I'd like to think they'd give my popping back up high marks. Hey, you land in a holly bush and see how long it takes you to get off it.

I was actually bleeding by the time I got into my office. Don't worry, I don't have any pictures of the actual blood. You should probably click on these to make them bigger so you can feel as bad for me as I want you to.

Maybe I'll find a new place to park tomorrow.

T-Swizzle a.k.a. T-Squeezy a.k.a. Taylor Swift

Some friends and I went to the Taylor Swift concert in Greensboro on Friday. Even though we were surrounded by tweens and their parents and the occasional boyfriend who got dragged along, we had a really great time.

From left: Lindsay, Sara, me. Kim stayed in her seat - guess she didn't have to pee this time.

Did anyone catch Taylor's rap debut on the CMT Awards last night? I tuned in just to see what all the hype was about and I'm glad I did. It was so cute and while I'm no great judge of rapping, I think she did a more than decent job. Go T-Squeezy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All about Oh-Oh

Owen had his post-op check-up yesterday and everything looks great.

He was such a good boy at Lyla's birthday party. Lyla has a blow-up ball pit, and Owen was content to just sit in there and examine the balls, throwing them away and picking up new ones to see if they were any different.

Owen and Aunt Steph.

Owen, blowing raspberries isn't nice!

While Bri opened presents, Owen bounced (and bounced and bounced) in the horsey. He actually bounced himself into Snoozeville.


Adventures in Chase-sitting

We got to see Chase this weekend. He was in Charlotte visiting the grandparents while Kevin and Jenny... Hmmm, I actually don't know why Kevin and Jenny sent him away, but I'm sure they had a good reason. Again, I think it's great that they can do that; it's good for Kevin and Jenny and you know all the grandparents love their quality time with Chase.

Uncle McHusband and Chase playing with some toys that the McHusband actually played with as a baby.

And Aunt Stephie with Chase. Please excuse my white expanse of exposed back. Focus on the cute baby.

Chase loved Grammie's cow and was especially intrigued by the bell around the cow's neck.

In the end, he thought the string around the cow's neck was pretty darn interesting. It doesn't take much when you're 8 1/2 months old.

Kevin and Jenny, thanks for farming your kid out - we loved seeing him! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Veggie Tales

The McInlaws have a garden and they shared some of their bounty with us. I found a recipe for a marinade of sorts for some zucchini, squash, and onion so we had that, chicken, and rice for dinner tonight.

Yes, Jeremy, you read that correctly: I actually planned ahead so the McHusband and I could have a REAL dinner during the week.

The McHusband grilled some chicken and the veggies while I tended to the rice. Of course, he had his sidekick nearby.

A plateful of veggies:

And our full meal - chicken marinated in Italian dressing, some dirty rice, and our grilled vegetables.

After the Monkey Bread debacle, I feel like I have to share every baking/food success I have.

Where was MTV?

We went to Lyla's first birthday party this weekend. Unfortunately, Lyla's too young to appreciate all the effort that went into the party, but hopefully she'll feel appropriately guilty when Bri tells her about it and shows her the pictures once she's old enough.

Bri made and decorated the cupcakes as well as the "flowers" stuck in them. Aren't they adorable?

My mom made a bunch (Ha ha, bunch, get it?) of tissue paper flowers. Aren't they pretty?

Mmmm, cake! We sang "Happy Birthday," Lyla had a little icing, stuck her finger up her nose a couple times, and that was it.

Poor Lyla - so many presents, so little dexterity.

Not to worry, Bri seemed to enjoy opening the gifts on her behalf.

And as you can see, everyone, especially the McHusband, was just enthralled with watching the present-opening process.

The McHusband was more interested in the present-assembling aspect of the party.

"Thanks, Uncle McHusband!"

Here're Lyla and Owen playing with one of Lyla's musical toys. The way this girl responds to music, you'd never guess her mom's a dancer and her dad's in a band. Notice how Owen seems more interested in the pattern on Lyla's outfit. Don't worry, Nate, she has the right reaction when he touches her butt.

Speaking of Lyla's dad - Hey, Nate!

It was a great party. Can't wait to see what Bri comes up with for Number Two! Er, you know what I mean.