Friday, November 14, 2008

The Big Move (the extended version)

Okay, the McHusband found the camera cord for me last night so I finally have pictures from our moving experience last weekend. Better late than never, right?

First, though, did I forget to mention that our new house actually came with a swimming pool? It's not an ideal size for us, but it works for some.

That's our cats' water bowls for anyone not familiar with our pet paraphernalia. Paco (he's less scary if he has a name) was still alive and was very grateful that I showed up when I did. I took him outside to the McHusband who got him out of the "pool" and put him on a tree. The thing is, that's not the first lizard we've come across. Paco's brother and sister, Roberto and Maria, have also visited. As with Paco, we sent them packing with a "Don't hurry up and come back, ya hear?"

Okay, back to moving day. The McHusband very deftly and strategically maneuvered the 24' Uhaul so that it was sideways in our driveway.

However, that put the inside of the truck on too much of a sideways slant so he ended up moving the truck up to the road, but that's not nearly as interesting so I didn't take a picture.

You know you're working hard when your knees are sweating. Sorry, ladies, he's all mine. :)

After we fed the first shift of our moving crew, they bailed on us before we made them go back for a second load. Smart people... Anyway, we had to call in reinforcements and, well, they just didn't work out that great.

Tucker supervised: "Get the hose and don't forget the dog food."

"Hey, you, what do you think this is, a road construction job in NC? No standing around! Get the dog food."

"Okay, maybe this is like road construction. I'm just gonna take a little nap while I wait for them to load the dog food."

See, I told you those second shift workers weren't that great.

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