Friday, November 14, 2008

New toy

The McHusband got a new toy - a gas-powered hedge trimmer. Between the bushes-on-steroids in front of the house and the clearing that needs to be done for our fence, it was a good investment. I took a few pictures of the McHusband while he was "hard at work" trimming the bushes during the last little bit of daylight on Sunday.

"I love my new toy." Guns the gas. "Hmmm, I think I'll just take a little off the top..."

"Nah" - guns the gas - "I think I'll take A LOT off the top!" (I think he was power tool-happy at this point. And even though I was inside taking these pictures through the window, I'm pretty sure I heard one of those maniacal laughs like you hear from the villains on TV. Maybe the McHubby loves his toy a little too much.)

And even though I had my own mess to take care of inside, I went out and helped clean up the mess he made. But of course there aren't any pictures of that because we women don't need recognition for all the work we do.

Actually, I just forgot to bring the camera outside.

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