Wednesday, June 24, 2015



Our house’s listing went live on Monday afternoon last week.  We had our first showing Tuesday evening and by Thursday morning, we had our first offer.  It wasn’t a good one so we didn’t even counter, we just rejected it.  Soon thereafter, we had our second offer – a full-price cash offer!  The buyers wanted a few things but nothing major and we were debating where to go with that offer when we heard a third one was on the way.  This one caused our realtor to utter a choice phrase (“Holy $&*@!”) while on the phone with the McHusband.

The buyers were offering $5,000 ABOVE asking price, they didn’t want anything from us – no closing costs, no work prior to the inspection – and they were good to close on our preferred date, August 17th.  Now, there is a slight catch.  Because this isn’t a cash offer, the appraisal and the loan amount have to work out.  The buyers realize this and are willing to pay as much as $5,000 of their own money if it’s necessary.  But we feel confident that our house will appraise for the purchase price or even higher based on a house that recently sold in our cul-de-sac.

So that’s where we stand: Less than 96 hours of being on the market and we have a deal!  We got some really great feedback on the house and the only negatives were things we couldn’t change: distance from people’s offices, schools (uh, yeah, that’s partly why we’re moving too), and the layout/size of the bonus room since one buyer wanted space for an office.

One set of comments, the ones from the second offer we got, made me tear up:

Love the home, clients’ daughter viewed with me and she agrees this house is fabulous, great love shown in upkeep, décor and details. We will be presenting an offer! ps. love the note for the a/c, I am with you there!! and the sweet dog!

I did put a lot of love into this house, and we really enjoyed making it our own.  We also love the neighborhood and I am going to miss my neighbors more than they will know.  We have that window unit – a.k.a. our noise machine – in our bedroom and I know it’s an eyesore and so not appealing looks-wise, but it ensures a decent night’s sleep for the McHusband and me.  As my note explained, cool isn’t good enough; we like our room downright frigid for sleeping.  Luckily that window is sorta tucked around the back of the house so you don’t see the ugly unit when you’re looking at the house.  And in the new house, the master bedroom’s windows are on the back of the house so our noise machine gets to come with us and be used there!

We had the inspection of our house this morning and don’t expect anything big to pop up.  There will probably be a few things we’ve lived with, like the water on the fridge not working, and we’ll just have to decide what to take care of for the buyers.  I kinda feel like I owe them considering what a good deal we are getting.

Other than house stuff, we were in Charlotte and Clover this weekend for Maxie’s birthday party and visiting with the McHusband’s family.  Maybe I’ll get around to posting some pictures from those things this week…

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Erika said...

That's great news!!! The market is booming right now!