Friday, June 5, 2015


It’s been a long week, bring on the weekend!  I didn’t feel well Sunday night and then didn’t sleep well, which started the week off with more sleep deprivation than usual.

The McHusband hasn’t been sleeping that great either.  We compared our exhaustion yesterday morning.

McHusband: “I’m so tired I tried to put my shoes on before my socks.”

Me: “Yeah, well, last night I put the spinach in the pantry and didn’t realize it til I went back in there a couple hours later.”

So I’m hitting Publish on this post at 8:45 and heading up to bed shortly after and hopefully by the time you read this in the morning, I’ll have made up for a few lost zzz’s.  The McHusband, too.

Have a great weekend!


Jenny said...

I hope you got some much needed rest!!!

Erika said...

I feel your pain on the sleeping issues. I've got a long history of bad insomnia. We just broke down and bought a new mattress which has helped some...that and the sleep drugs. :) I'm very sorry about your grandma!