Wednesday, June 10, 2015

{Recipe Recap} Brownie Bars Two Ways

I wanted to make sure to share these two treats with you this week but I won’t be going on and on (and on) about them like they deserve.  This mom-wife-employee-friend-exerciser is tired!  After approximately 5.5 hours of broken sleep Sunday night, I got up at 4:20 Monday morning and went for a 30-minute run that started at 4:35.  The upside is the morning was very nice and the roads were empty (as they should be!).  But it was a long day because I didn’t get home from dinner with the girls until 9:15. (Totally worth it!) 

Then yesterday was a normal workday but it was the McHusband’s turn to have a social evening since he had concert tickets.  So I tended to Connor then headed out to the driveway for my own boot camp where I kicked my own butt.

So don’t take my lack of words about either of these treats to mean that they aren’t good.  Both are decadent.  Delicious.  And one is decidedly gooey.


Heather requested some caramel marshmallow brownies that I made once before.  When I made them the first time, I used a boxed brownie mix and chocolate-covered pretzels as my topping.  This time, I made the brownies from scratch according to the recipe and used Crunch Bites as the topping.  I thought they were much better: the brownie was fudgier and I’m a fan of the Crunch Bites.  Heather, however, preferred them the way I originally made them.


For Vanessa, I chose these Butterfinger Brownie Bars and they were a hit with everyone!  I shared one with our waiter and even he loved them.  I didn’t use any dark chocolate chips, just the minis and more peanut butter chips than the recipe called for.  I will definitely be making these again.


You won’t go wrong making either of these treats, take my fewer-than-usual words (and pictures) for it.


{Butterfinger Bars very slightly adapted from here}

{Marshmallow Caramel Krispie  Brownies barely adapted from here}

PS  Heather’s birthday was yesterday so a happy belated blog shout-out to her!

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