Friday, July 17, 2015

Life lately

I’m sorry my blogging has been so intermittent.  That being said, I’m not here to promise it’s going to get better.  I mean, I hope it will since we have a trip to visit my dad coming up plus Connor’ll be 18 months soon and I really need to do an update on him, and let’s not forget the whole moving-to-a-new-house situation.  We close two weeks from today but won’t move in and live there for two more weeks after that because we’re doing some updates first.  Bye bye wood trim, tile floors, and wall between the den and living room!  Hello white and bright, wood, and open space!

den with white

Don’t be jealous of my amazing photoediting skills.

I hope to keep touching base at least a couple times a week, but I’ve been trying to get more sleep lately and that usually means I’m not on the couch with my computer on my lap while I catch up on a show for very long most evenings.  And while I’m making like a spud, I just want to zone out.  You guys are only getting this post because I had some time yesterday afternoon to work something up.  Last night, I got home from the Y and Walmart a little after 7, had a quick dinner, made some cookie dough, got cleaned up, got ready for today, then vegged for those few precious moments before it was time for bed.

Before I forget, I want to share a new favorite with you guys.  The McHusband brought home a new-to-us chip: Boulder Canyon Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper.  I’m telling you about these chips because they are very dangerous and you should be warned.  They are delicious, perfectly greasy without being gross, and are highly addictive.  You probably shouldn’t seek them out but if you feel you must, we have found them at Kroger.  Or maybe Trader Joe’s?  I found the regular Sea Salt ones at Harris Teeter but the McHusband and I agree, those aren’t as good.


We have a good enough weekend on tap.  Just hanging out tonight, which for me means baking some Strawberry Shortcake Bars before a decent bedtime.  I’ll go to the Y tomorrow morning, bake cookies in the afternoon, then we have a neighbor’s backyard bash in the evening.  One last hurrah in this ‘hood. Insert sad face here.

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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Sara said...

Those photoshop skills are pretty epic. Also, super helpful. ;-)