Monday, July 6, 2015

The long (but not long enough) weekend

We had a lovely holiday weekend.  The McHusband and I were both home on Friday and Connor spent about half the day at daycare so that we grown-ups could, well, enjoy a vacation day.  I made sure not to be too productive and it was just what this working mom needed.

The Y was closed on Saturday so I took Connor and Monte on a walk then did a strength workout in the bonus room before showering, eating lunch, and making a Harris Teeter run with Connor.  Later that afternoon, he took a wonderful afternoon nap then we headed to my friend Erika’s house for a Fourth of July party.  She made sure there was something for everyone: adult Jenga, both a water AND a sand table for the kids, plus delicious food.  We arrived fashionably late thanks to the aforementioned nap so it’s a good thing I brought dessert (those amazing chocolate chip cookies and some brownie-peanut butter bars) and not the appetizers.

Connor didn’t sleep in quite as late as he needed Sunday morning so he took a short nap before we headed to the Mason Jar Tavern to have lunch with Rick, Sabrina, and Owen who were out our way completing a craigslist deal.  From there, it was home for naps for the boys and laundry and a movie for me.  Just a nice chill afternoon (the theme of the weekend) for me.  I had dinner in the crockpot and it was very easy to throw together and it turned out to be a good meal.  The meat cooked a little long but the flavor was good.

Hope everyone else also enjoyed the weekend and the holiday.  Back to the real world today!

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