Wednesday, January 27, 2016

{Recipe Recap} French Toast Casserole

I kinda can't believe I'm 1) doing two posts in one week and 2) sharing a recipe with you guys.  I could look and see how long it's been since I did either, but that'd take too much time, something I just don't have enough of to spare on such frivolity.  I just know it's been a long time.

I like this recipe because it's simple, both in ingredients and preparation.  Oh, and because it's DELICIOUS!  I didn't mention that yet?
The recipe calls for 18 slices of bread, but the bag of bread I bought only had 15 slices and I made it work.  I'd do the same thing next time rather than buy a second bag of bread.  My other two adaptations were adding a little vanilla to the egg-milk mixture and not brushing the baked casserole with the remaining melted butter.  Mostly because I didn't have any since I used it all up on the bread prior to baking the casserole. What's that rule about always reading the recipe all the way through before you start...?

I was feeling optimistic about not going to work last week on Friday thanks to the winter storm so I assembled this Thursday night and baked it the next morning.  I like that the bread has time overnight to soak up the liquid, plus I'm not trying to feed a hangry toddler, a dog, a cat, AND get breakfast assembled and into the oven all at the same time.
You will definitely taste the nutmeg in this recipe so if you aren't a big fan, decrease the amount or leave it out altogether.  I liked the little extra flavor it imparted so I will keep it in the recipe the next time I make it (which will be sooner than later).

We ate this as leftovers the rest of the weekend and it was just as good reheated.  Of course, if you make this for more than 2.5 people, you may not get the opportunity to eat it the next day.

Bon appetit!  And P.S. I apologize for the not-great phone pictures.  Don't let my photography sway you more than my words; this thing is worth making.

{Recipe slightly adapted from here


McMom said...

I think i would go more with ounces of bread rather than slice count .. Too many variables out there. I suddenly have gone to Brioche bread for French toast in any form....i am a believer! Looks yummy!!

Erika said...

That looks delicious! I'm a huge French toast fan! I love seeing Connor playing in the snow- can you believe he will be two next week!?