Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Much Fun!!!

We had snow early last year, but we're calling this Connor's first snow because he was able to enjoy it.  He called it "ice," which was actually pretty accurate.  My office was closed on Friday, which is good because so was daycare.  So we holed up at home and had some quality time together.

The McHusband got the mower out, and I'm not really sure who was having more fun.

They took off down the driveway and up the street then did some donuts in the cul-de-sac.

If you can see in the picture above, there are tree limbs down in each driveway.  Fortunately neither driveway is ours.  We got lucky that we just lost small branches and none fell in bad spots.

Monte enjoyed the snow/ice only if we were outside with him or if he could find some to eat.  See, he had an infection last week and he's been on an antibiotic as well as Prednisone, which is making him incredibly thirsty. 

We walked around the house and as Connor followed the McHusband, he got sidetracked by this ice-laden holly branch.

A few random snow pics...

And I'll wrap up with a picture of Connor.  This is him at his monkey see-monkey do finest.  The McHusband was scraping some snow from the bench and deck and of course his apprentice had to do it next.  We're lucky to have such an awesome helper by our sides these days. :)
I owe you guys - and Connor - an update on how he's doing these days.  He is such a little person now and he picks things up left and right and he surprises us at least once a week with something he's learned.  His new favorite thing this weekend, besides playing in the snow and eat icicles, was having me sing "Happy Birthday" do him.  He just kept requesting "hoppy."  He is a happy guy the majority of the time and when he isn't, it doesn't last long.  He still has a very good appetite with oatmeal being a recent favorite.  And "dock," a.k.a. chocolate (in the form of frozen mini York Peppermint Patties), which he sometimes gets one of after he's eaten a good lunch or dinner.   

We had a lot of fun being stuck together for this cold long weekend and I was grateful for the quality family time.  Having the extra day meant we could still get stuff done (hello clean bathrooms and new shocks!) without feeling like we weren't spending enough time with Connor.  So, basically, I need an ice storm every Friday.  I know, I know, careful what I wish for...

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