Monday, November 19, 2012

Not ready yet

I was going to do a Tucker post today so I was going through some pictures, and it was like two days instead of two weeks had passed since...  Well, you know.

I’m mostly okay on an everyday basis, but some things, like the McHusband popping a dishtowel at me or me vacuuming Tucker’s  normal spot behind the couch, will make me sad.

So instead of starting a gray Monday out on a low note, I’ll put that post off until I can write it through fewer tears.  In the meantime, let’s think about something happier, shall we?

I let Morgan out Saturday afternoon and she immediately found some sunshine and rolled around in the leaves.  The McHusband grabbed the camera and they had a little photoshoot.




I swear, Morgan is a cat in a dog’s body.  She’s perfectly happy not being in the same room as us, she rarely meets us at the door when we get home, she sleeps 22 hours a day, and she craves sunshine like someone who’s spent the winter in Alaska.


Did I mention she’s part giraffe, too?


We’re thankful that in her old age (she’s 8.5 years old – that’s up there for a Great Dane), she’s so healthy.  Sure, she groans a little when she gets up, and the white fur is slowly taking over her face, but she’s not on any medications and she still gets excited to go for a walk or when she thinks there’s a squirrel in the yard.

My Morgie-poo.



Gma said...

Sweet spoiled brat... how many of you know/have a fur baby that requests that you move her bed from sunny spot to sunny spot --- AND IT GETS DONE!

I think it's fair to say that we'll all feel Tucker's absence one way or another. I just KNOW there's a pet store up there that has an unlimited amount of frisbees to play with!

McMom said...

Good luck with that post...I decided if JUST looking at Tucker's crate in the game closet and knowing Ryan would only WISH he had to put the damned thing together again, made me needed to GO! McMom