Wednesday, November 28, 2012

San Diego: Day 3

Our third day in San Diego found us eating shrimp tacos at a place the McHusband’s car-forum friends had recommended: Oscar’s Mexican Seafood.


I don’t know the story behind Oscar’s, but I got the feeling it started as a food truck.


We each got the shrimp tacos (well, I got one and the McHusband got two) and I gotta say, Oscar didn’t disappoint.



Once we had filled our bellies, we drove to Seal Beach to, uh, see the seals.




The trees at this park looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.




We meandered up the road to the La Jolla Cave Store.  Our meandering took us past more seals and lots of pelicans and let me tell you guys, it was the stinkiest walk I’ve ever been on.  Seriously, I gagged a couple times.  I do NOT miss that part of the trip.



We paid the $8 to walk down a long flight of stairs and see that tunnel in the picture above from a different vantage point.


I made it!


Looking out.



From Seal Beach, we headed to Julian, which the McHusband had heard was an interesting and fun drive away.  It’s known for its apple pies.  That’s what we hear anyway; we had pizza, cider, and beer.


We stopped at this cute little cider place that also had little booths with stuff for sale and a diner area at the back.




We were hungry so we went across the street to a little pizza place for a late lunch.  Plus, I’d bought a cider and I wanted to drink it.



You know how lots of people bring their dogs to places where you can eat outside?  That’s pretty normal, right?  Well, in CA, they do things a little differently.

Do you see what I saw?


A lady had brought a BIRD to the restaurant.


That was worth the trip to Julian right there.

That night, we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We sat outside right on the sidewalk so we had fun people watching and even talked to someone walking their Harlequin Great Dane.

The McHusband ordered a girlie drink that sounded too good to pass up.  At least it came in a man-sized glass.


We walked around the block and saw a tour bus outside a club down the street.


The bus belonged to Benny Benassi, a DJ who specializes in EDM.  Five points to anyone who knows what EDM means.  No one?  Don’t feel bad, I saw this guy in concert and still didn’t know EDM stood for.  It’s Electronic Dance Music.

We didn’t have tickets to the show, but we talked to a bouncer who “had our back” and helped us buy two tickets from people who had extras.  I enjoyed the concert enough, but a couple more drinks and not being there from 10 pm to 1:30 in the morning on my third night on the West Coast would’ve helped.

Whew, looking back, that was a busy day!  We had no choice but to make the most of it since it was our last full day in San Diego.  Not to worry, I still have one more adventure to share.

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Gma said...

What a fun-filled day, from one extreme to the other! Isn't that what vacations are all about?