Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was going to share some treats with you today, but I think I’m going to have to go with something a little cuter and a heckuva lot sweeter.

I’ve told you before that Morgan’s not much for cuddling while Monte never lets an opportunity to snuggle go by.  Well, Morgan must’ve been really tired last night from all the laying around in front of the fire she did all day because she didn’t get up from her bed in a huff when Monte had the audacity to let his head touch hers.


Actually, they are more than just touching.  Monte’s got his head ON Morgan’s.


I’m sure Monte was in seventh heaven with Morgan letting him do this.


Right, Monte?  “Shh, don’t wake her up, she never lets me do this.”


Anyone notice that the wall behind the dogs looks a little bare?  Well, they were playing Wednesday morning and somehow tugged on one of the curtains so that the thing in the wall, the thing that holds the rod, broke.


See how only a very small portion of the bottom of the thingamajig on the left is still up there?


So now I have to see if I can buy a new set of these things and if I can’t, hopefully my oh-so-handy McHusband can glue the two pieces back together and make it good as new.

It would appear that I have made it to my due date!  While I had (Who am I kidding – while I STILL have) relatively selfish reasons for wanting to make it through the weekend, can I just tell you how happy I was to get home on Wednesday after more than four hours on snowy, icy roads (a drive that normally takes maybe 30 minutes) and to STAY home on Thursday?  We are very thankful that the McBaby didn’t decide to up the ante a little bit and make this snowstorm that much more interesting by forcing us to drive in the ice to the hospital.  He’s totally getting a car on his 16th birthday.

(Oh, by the way: Monday is President’s Day (Happy Birthday, George!) and it’s also a company holiday so I’d normally not post anything that day.  So don’t think no post = a baby unless you see something in the Instagram pictures to indicate that coincidence.)


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McMom said...

Are you sure Morgan was breathing? Getting more tolerant in her old age. McMom