Friday, February 28, 2014

South Carolina cousins

Kevin, Jenny, and the kids came up here last Saturday.  Luckily they were in Charlotte for the weekend so it was a much shorter trip for them than if they had come all the way from home in SC.

Chase and Leah were very excited to hold Connor.




I know it looks like Chase was checking out Connor’s, um, unmentionables, but he was actually looking at Connor’s feet.


Kevin and Jenny took a turn getting some Connor cuddles, too.



(Does Jenny’s sweater look familiar?  Gotta love Target’s maternity clothes.)

2-11 39w1dclose

We took some group shots of all the kids with the McHusband and me before they left that afternoon and this was the best one.  I give props to family photographers who can get everyone looking in the same direction with smiles on their faces.


I’m two weeks into my “vacation” as the McHusband refers to my maternity leave and so far motherhood is very time consuming.  Connor eats all.the.time it seems like and between the times I hold him because that’s what he wants and the times I hold him because that’s what I want, there’s not a lot of time left for other stuff like blogging, emailing, and, you know, truly important stuff like showering.  I think I need to get out the Bjorn so I can multi-task and hold the baby while computering.  Think I’ll continue to shower alone though. 

Connor has his two-week this afternoon so keep your fingers crossed that his weight is at least up to 7lbs15oz, his birth weight.  I’m doing my best to breastfeed, but I have had to supplement with one bottle toward the end of the day since Sunday night.  I hope to keep up with Connor’s demands at least as well as I have been, and I hope to get good news from the doctor today.  The upside to the one bottle is that the McHusband can experience feeding Connor, which is nice.  


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