Thursday, February 6, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Banana Spice Cake with Vanilla Rum Icing

We celebrated a coworker’s birthday in the office on Monday.  Since we were getting together for a breakfast meeting, I wanted to make something that worked for the early time but was also sweet enough to count as a birthday treat.


I had ripe bananas, a lemon, and a box of spice mix.  This recipe was just what I was looking for.


The flavor of the cake was great, but I thought the texture was a little too light and fluffy.  I didn’t necessarily need this to be a banana BREAD, but I wanted it to be denser than it was.


But the frosting?  Oh man, so good!  I made it with a stick of melted butter, three cups of powdered sugar, two teaspoons of vanilla, two TABLEspoons of spiced rum, and a few splashes of milk until the consistency was just right.


The coworker whose birthday we were celebrating said, “The cake’s good, but I really like the frosting.”  Another coworker and the McHusband were fans of the combo, and it didn’t take long for the McHusband’s office to gobble up the half-a-Bundt I sent in with him.


Would I make the cake part again?  Probably not since I didn’t like the texture very much.  But the icing?  Oh, we will definitely be seeing it again.


{Recipe adapted from here}

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