Monday, February 24, 2014

The McHusband’s new role

So I think most of you either know us or were able to put two and two together: no blog posts did in fact = a baby.  The McBaby, or Connor Patrick as we’re calling him, was born on Saturday, February 15th, at 9:14 pm.  I’ll do a whole birth story post on him and an update on how our first week (or two, depending on how long it takes me to write the aforementioned update) has gone,  but first I have to talk about the other very important guy in my life: the McHusband.


I already knew I had a wonderful husband.  Now I know what an amazing partner I have for this new adventure we have embarked upon since welcoming Connor a couple Saturdays ago.


I may have carried Connor and he may be dependent on me for nourishment, but the McHusband has been and is right there every step of the way.  He sits with me while I feed Connor, he readily changes even the stinkiest of diapers, and he just plain likes to hold his son, something he never saw the appeal of before the baby was his own.



In the hospital, we learned about the importance of skin-to-skin contact with newborns and the McHusband wanted to be a part of that so he and Connor spent some time in a very uncomfortable glider.  Right off the bat, the McHusband was ready and willing to do whatever was necessary to ensure a happy and healthy baby.


Our first night at home was rough.  It was quite an adjustment for all of us, to say the least.  At the end of that very long night, just after the sun rose, the McHusband stepped up for a shift with Connor.  While I slept, he tended to the baby.  When I got up, I found them sleeping in the twin bed in Connor’s room.  Let me tell you: hormones + fatigue + that scene equaled major tears from this new mom.  It was so sweet to see them together like that, a father and his son, my husband and my new baby, both of them so vulnerable and adorable and peaceful.


So thank you to my fabulous McHusband for being right there beside me this whole time.  He has picked up my slack and I so appreciate everything he’s done for me and for the baby.  We make a pretty good team, he and I, and I wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else.


P.S.  Happy Birthday to the McMom today!  And a belated happy birthday to Olivia whose birthday was Friday.  Yep, lots to celebrate in February!


McHusband said...

Love you bunches Babe. You're doing all the hard work, I'm just trying to assist where I can.

Gma said...

What a great post and tribute. You'd better watch out... new moms everywhere will be ringing your doorbell asking to rent the new McDaddy!

Thank you McDaddy, for being the man that you are.

McMom said...

I second G'mas comment....with an added sense of ya all 3 McMom

Natalie said...

CONGRATS! enjoy every minute :) and yes, totally know what you mean about watching the daddy!