Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A visit with Grandad

My sisters and I called my dad’s father “Grandad.”  He passed away a few years ago so now I think my dad will be Connor’s Grandad.

My dad came for a quick visit last weekend and met his second grandson.  Friday night was mostly visiting for us adults, but then my dad, Connor, and I had some quality time early Saturday morning before the McHusband got up.


Connor’s like, “I don’t know about this guy, Mom.”


They were good friends by the time Sunday rolled around.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Asheboro to meet Shannon, Owen, and Olivia for lunch at Chili’s.  Luckily, the restaurant has some grass out front and a sidewalk that goes around the building so we were able to hang out a bit longer while the kids ran around, mostly supervised.


They made it all the way around!


Only to head back out in the opposite direction.


The McHusband went with them this time and caught some cute pictures by the tree in the Chili’s backyard.

Can’t you feel the sibling love in this picture?


That’s better!


So while the McHusband was playing photographer with these guys, I was just standing around watching Shannon feed Connor.


But then it was my turn to take a stroll.


Soon enough, Owen and Olivia had expended enough energy to settle down and take turns holding their cousin.




The McHusband and I had a turns with Connor, too.



After a nice lunch and lots of fresh air, it was time for us all to head toward home.  We were so glad that Shannon and the kids were able to meet up with us.

The rest of the weekend was pretty lowkey, just hanging out at the house on Saturday and then a walk with all of us, dogs included, on Sunday before the McHusband had to get my dad to the airport. 

Like I said, it was a quick weekend visit, but we were very happy to have Connor’s Grandad here to meet him and hang out with us.  Thanks for coming, Daddy!

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Erika said...

I think Connor looks like your dad!