Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Three months

Okay, so he’s actually closer to 13.5 weeks than 12 at this point, but give a working mom a break!  There’s not a lot of downtime these days, not during the week or on the weekends.  And when my arms aren’t full of a baby, I either need to be doing more important stuff than playing on the computer, or I simply can’t muster the energy to write a blog post.

Connor turned three months old last Saturday on May 10th.


He’s still doing pretty good with sleeping through the night, but he is waking up some during the night and having a hard time putting himself back to sleep.  I always said I didn’t want my kid to have a paci for sleeping because then they need it and that means you have to put it in for them and that’s a pain in the you-know-what when it falls out, which seems to always happen about one minute after you’ve gotten back in bed and think you’re in the clear.  Now we’re stuck because he’ll go back to sleep with the paci but I don’t want him to depend on it but I don’t want to be up any longer than I have to during the night but I know it’d be best in the long run to use it less.  The first of many dilemmas I know we’ll face as parents.


Connor’s likes: He’s still a fan of his changing table and he loves his playmat.  He generally still likes his baths but when he’s really tired and hungry, he wants no part of the bubbles.  He likes to be held to go to sleep for his naps and prefers to spend his entire naptime in someone’s arms.  Needless to say, neither the McHusband nor I are fans of this.  He is definitely a morning person, but I think that’s all babies and why wouldn’t they be after roughly 12 hours of sleep?  I’d be a morning person, too!


He’s enjoying being held facing out these days so he can practice holding his head up and see what’s happening around him.  We put him in the baby carrier that way some and he stays content for a while.


Connor’s dislikes: Same old same old – his carseat is his number one enemy most of the time.  See, we can’t even talk about it without upsetting him.


He hates the break in between nursing and getting his bottle at night.  In that interim, I put him in his swaddle blanket and you should hear him!  You’d think I was pinching him.  But as soon as he gets that bottle in his mouth, he sucks it down and all is forgiven.


Looks like he’s coming around as far as the Sock Monkey is concerned.  Maybe he’ll be on the “likes” list next month.


When I look at the following picture, I think of Connor saying, “How old do you think I am?  Read the sign, man!”


Hit or miss: The Bumbo, but I think it’s going to be more hit than miss in the next few weeks.  He’s had some practice in it and as long as he isn’t too tired and has something to entertain him, he’s happy enough in it for a few minutes.


Some general Connor facts for my own knowledge when I look back: he wakes up for the day between 5:45 and 6:30.  He eats five times a day for a total of between 27 and 30 ounces, but I’m thinking I either need to add a feeding or up the amount in his bottles because I believe he should be getting at least 30 to 32 ounces.  We’re working on eliminating his dream feed – it’s down to 2.5 ounces – so we need to make sure he’s getting enough during the day so he doesn’t wake up hungry overnight.


Connor goes to bed between 6:30 and 7:15 and I’d love to say that he naps for this long at this time during the day, but he doesn’t have a nap schedule.  Very frustrating on the weekends.


I expect we will see lots of changes in the next four weeks and I hope to have lots more to add to the “likes” list.  Okay, fine, I’ll settle for moving the carseat over there so that going for walks is more pleasant for all of us.


One last blurry close-up for you guys.


Happy Hump Day!


Gma said...

Love those smiles and can't wait to get my hands on him next week - crabby apple and all!

Erika said...

Ethan always hated the car seat!!!! Even during walks he'd scream until he was big enough to ride in a stroller without the car seat and facing forward. It made going places very challenging. Ethan was a very grumpy/colicky/ challenging baby until about the 4 month mark. And then 6 months was a totally different kid! Hang in there! He's adorable!

McHusband said...

While Connor typically doesn't like being placed in the car seat, he actually usually does well once the car is moving. I've even driven around with him just to keep him quiet. But it would be nice if he would enjoy/tolerate it a little more for walks around the hood.

Jenny said...

Chase said "awww Connor is so cute". I think I second that comment!!