Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vanessa’s Baby Shower: The Decorations

First of all, I have to thank Heather for the majority of these pictures.  I had asked her to show up a few minutes before the shower started because she is a great last-minute helper.  Luckily she had a few minutes after assisting with kitchen clean-up to snap some photos.

I did just a little bit at the front door to help get people in the fiesta mood as they entered the house.  The pillow that refused to cooperate says “Bien Venido.”  My idea, but my mom’s handiwork.


Just inside the front door was the favor station with my sign and little bags of Chicago Mix popcorn.



On to the main event!  I taped store-bought fans to three of the back windows and placed my oversized flower arrangements in front of the fan-less windows. 


I had the idea to do the flower arrangements but once again my mom was the sweat.  She made all the paper flowers, but I did arrange them on the sticks (with some input from her).  She’s also behind the papel picado (that’s the banner thingie) on the table.  We saw the doilies on our way out of Michael’s and I knew we had to use them.  So we cut them in half, strung them together, and then I pinned them to the tablecloth.


So that’s the food table.  The drink table itself wasn’t too interesting, but the background was fun.


Another mom-and-me project.  I asked her if she could sew plastic tablecloths together and she said yes.  She had to play with the material a little but she figured it out and voila!  I had a very cool backdrop.



Vanessa opened gifts in the den against a wall that has two built-ins and a fireplace.  I had to dress those areas up so I spray painted wine bottles and dug into my stash of paper lanterns.  I also used lots of paper flowers thanks to guess who?  Yep, my mom!


(We’ll get back to that pinata in a minute.)




I asked people to fill out little cards with either advice for Shawn and Vanessa or well wishes for their baby girl.


Then Shawn and Vanessa opened it later together and read everyone’s messages.

We’ll talk about food and people soon!

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