Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brain fart + pumpkin-picking pics

I went to DSW during my lunch yesterday to find some brown flats or kitten heels.  I lucked out and found some super cute shoes that are comfortable, too.

So I go up to pay and the cashier looks me up for their rewards points and tells me I have a $10 coupon I can apply.  Score!  She asks me if I’m still at my old address, which of course I’m not, so I take the opportunity to update my address.

Let’s say my address is 1234 Morgan Pond Circle.  I tell the cashier, “My new address is 1234 Morgan…”  I drew a total blank on the “Pond” part of the address!  I knew it was something to do with water, but I just couldn’t recall the right word.  I’ve been letting the computers do so much auto-filling of the address that it just slipped my mind.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s had something like this happen to them.

No sooner did I pull out my phone to look up my own address than I remembered the correct water word and was able to regain some small shred of my dignity.  Seriously, what mentally healthy person forgets their own address?  Let’s hope it was a one-time thing.

You know I prefer not to have picture-less posts so I’m going to throw in a few from our pumpkin patch adventure on Sunday.  We opted not to do the whole expensive corn maze-rides-petting zoo place this year and save it for next year when Connor can enjoy it even more.  He didn’t seem to realize he was missing out and was perfectly content running from one big orange “bah” to the next.




Connor is at a really fun age right now, and I am grateful for all these moments to make memories.  I sure love this little guy!

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