Monday, October 26, 2015

Our weekend

How about a little weekend recap without many pictures?  I know, that’s no fun, is it?  I’ll try to do better next Monday.

The McHusband was in Alabama for work on Friday and didn’t get back to the airport until after 10:00.  So that evening Connor and I had Mexican for dinner because it was too nice not to eat outside.


I made some cookie dough that night and went to bed early.  I baked the cookies on Saturday and guess what?  They were fabulous!  I highly recommend this recipe.  I used mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and toffee chips, and I sprinkled a little fine sea salt on top before baking.  Yum!

Saturday was my class at the Y, a long walk with my boys (all three of ‘em), then home for Connor’s nap and my shower.  I got the downstairs cleaned up because we had a new sitter coming over later to watch Connor while the McHusband and I had a belated anniversary date night with dinner at T.MAC then the 3D showing of The Martian.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  I don’t think 3D is necessary though.  We saw it that way because that was the movie time that worked best for us.  Sure, it had its perks, but I don’t think we would’ve missed out by seeing it in a normal theater.

Sunday was laundry, grocery shopping, a walk, playing outside, and cupcake making.  I want to surprise Connor’s class with candy corn cupcakes: yellow cake, orange frosting, and a white marshmallow on top.  Cute, right?


The not-even-two-year-olds are totally going to appreciate them.

Oh!  Connor learned a new word this weekend: cookie.  Or as he says, “kooo-keee.”  He doesn’t say many two-syllable words but he picked this one up quick.  Guess he just needed the right motivation. Winking smile  Also, we saw him use his sign for “thank you” a few times.  It’s so much fun to watch him developing and practicing his new skills.

All right, it’s Sunday night at 9:45 and I have to wrap things up. I plan to take advantage of what might be the last morning with decent temps tomorrow.  Being up and out around 4:30 in the mornings sucks no matter what, but it’s especially terrible when it’s freezing outside.  I’m just not strong enough to crawl out of my warm bed so I can go running when it’s 30-something outside.

Happy Monday!

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Grammie said...

Could Connor's eyes be ANY bigger? He is a doll! Grammie