Monday, March 3, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Cherry Chip and White Chocolate Cookie Bars

It’s taken me a couple weeks, but we’re back to treats on Monday.  This week anyway.  No promises what next Monday will bring.

Quick Connor update before your spoonful of sugar though. 


He had his two-week appointment on Friday and that was pretty much just a measurement check-in: height, weight, and head circumference.  Luckily, he had gained almost a pound since his first appointment; he was up to 8 lbs 3.5 oz (from 7 lbs 5.5 oz).  Since he’s been mostly breastfeeding, it made me feel good to know that he’d done so well.

Okay, so back to these bars.  I actually made them the first weekend in February and froze them so they’d be available for the McMom’s birthday on the 24th as well as for having treats for visitors.


I’ve only been able to find the cherry chips seasonally at Walmart.  Apparently cherry chips = Valentine’s Day.  I bought three bags and I’m pretty sure I’ll use them in another batch of these bars and then I’ll just see what else sounds good with them.


The recipe called for just vanilla extract, but I added some almond extract to enhance the cherry flavor.


You know I have to talk about the texture since that’s almost as important to me as the flavor of cookies and bars.  These were perfect.  Crusty on the outside but tender on the inside and not at all cakey.


I would use (and recommend) this recipe as a good base for any cookie bars with whatever add-ins I happened to be in the mood for.  So if you can’t find or don’t like cherry chips, use chocolate chips, chopped up Snickers bars, or M&Ms, whatever sounds good to you.


Mmm, looking at these pictures make me want to whip up another batch sooner than later.


{Recipe adapted from here}

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