Monday, December 8, 2014

Busy like the elves

So I got my tree done last week, and I decided to keep the momentum going on Friday by finishing the mantle and decorating the front porch.  Then on Saturday, after the Y and dropping some stuff off at Kim’s, I wound garland through the stair railing and hung big ol’ ornaments on our (dead, to-be-replaced-in-the-spring) tree out front.  After a very productive afternoon, we took the night off to go out to eat with Ryan and Sandra.

We were back at it on Sunday.  We hit the ground running trying to take some family pictures on the front porch.  (BTW, it’s difficult to get a 10-month-old to smile at all much less in the direction of a camera without anyone behind it.)  Then, on top of the usual laundry, general cleaning, and grocery shopping, we also got our outside lights hung.


Of course, we had a little helper.  Connor directed from the sidewalk and then, as any good supervisor would, he had to get involved when things weren’t going the way he wanted.


He wrapped things up by doing his A Christmas Story impression.  Luckily, it wasn’t QUITE cold enough for his tongue to stick.


I got really brave and decided to tackle the big tree by the driveway.  Since I got my new prelit tree, I had many strands of white Christmas lights begging to be displayed.  I’m a Christmas-light snob and hate when people just throw a strand of lights on some tree branches or they start off with good intentions but run out of lights and consider the job done.  WRONG!


We want to add a couple more strands of lights up from that one line at the top so that what people see is a triangle of lights.  Otherwise, I’m happy with how everything looks.






Now who wants to come over after Christmas and unwind all those lights from the tree?  Maybe I can keep them up and turn it into a new landscaping look…


Gma said...

So pretty! A kiss and a hug for that awfully cute "helper" of yours.

Mcgrammie said...

I thought it was the little tree that is getting replaced....just cut the one down with the lights on it and get them off when you feel like it ...with your feet on the ground! Love your helper...just wait until next year!! He will be so much more "help"!