Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Connor: Ten Months

Well, ten months and about one week, but that’s par for my course.


We have all just gotten over Connor’s second cold.  I guess I can’t say, “I never get sick” any more.  Or I can but only if I qualify that declaration with “except when Connor’s germs beat my natural defenses to a pulp.”  Luckily we’re all on the mend, but let’s hope not just in time to catch something from a sick cousin over the holidays.

A few sniffles didn’t do much to dampen Connor’s spirits.  Nose-wiping, on the other hand, that could quickly turn my happy little boy into a sad pitiful one who looks kinda like this.


So other than germs, what’s been new this past month…  Connor is still doing his army crawl, but he doesn’t get stuck in his “sexy pose” where he’s on his side and can’t get himself up to a sitting position.  He’s so good at sitting, in fact, that I think he wakes up in the mornings and sits right up, thus pretty much guaranteeing that he’s not going back to sleep.  That’s fine at 6:15 but not too cool at 4:15.


Connor is also pulling himself up both to his knees and to his feet.  There’ve been a few tentative ventures into the world of cruising furniture, but he’s still pretty wobbly.  I have a feeling, though, that it’s not going to be long before he’s moving all over at that upper level.


Connor still loves food, ALL food, and we’re probably done with the purees, which makes me kinda sad.  I truly enjoyed making those foods for him and they were so easy to stockpile.  His most recent fave are turkey meatballs that he shoves into his mouth by the fistful.  It is nice that he can just feed himself.  He still has just the two bottom teeth, but I think the top two aren’t going to be shy much longer.


Connor still loves his bouncy seat.  He loves bathtime and Cheerios, and opening and closing doors is a new favorite activity.


He babbles up a storm, and he understands the sign for “eat,” grunting with gusto to signal his agreement.


Oh, another development is that Connor’s getting pretty good at negotiating the stairs.  He’ll be leading the way up them in no time.


Because Connor’s all over the place and thanks to those oh-so-cool doors that go back and forth, Connor will often make a beeline for the pantry.  I left him in there to play the other night and he explored, finding cat food and the motherload of Cheerios. 


He also thought about climbing up on the trash can, but a couple stern no’s had him backing away and leaving it alone.  I know he’s going to test  limits so I’m glad to see he has an understanding of what it means when we don’t want him doing something.


Connor is a sweet, funny, happy baby.  It’s exhausting being a mom, but he makes me glad that I am one, that I’m HIS mom. 


I love this little chunky monkey!



Sara said...

Look at him towering over Sock Monkey!!! I can hardly believe it's still the same one, how awesome!

Erika said...

Can you believe he will be one soon? He is too cute!!! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas!

Jenny said...

He certainly is a super cute and sweet chunky monkey! I do believe that he is a keeper!