Friday, December 5, 2014

Getting my Christmas on

I was productive last night.  I got my new tree decorated, put out a few Christmas things, and put my mantle mostly together.  Here’s how it looks from my vantage point on the couch, looking over the laptop with the TV on in the background.


Notice something wrong up there?  Yep, I still need to get Connor a stocking.  I hope to find one that looks like the McHusband’s and mine but if I can’t, then I’ll just get something that goes with them.

Does everyone already have some holiday party or get-together this weekend?  My first Christmas event is Monday when we girls get together, but the McHusband and I are going to dinner with some friends this Saturday and we’re looking forward to catching up with them.

Otherwise, I will just be happy to be at home after all our traveling last week.


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Natalie said...

ugh having the exact same stocking problem and I have looked EVERYWHERE! We finally decided to just get B a different one, except now we can't even find one we like all that much. We've pretty much decided to just wait and she can have a stocking next year ;)