Thursday, February 19, 2015

Connor’s Party: The People

We had a HOUSEFUL for Connor’s party.  Both of our immediate families (even my dad from Kansas City) and their immediate families came plus so many of our friends.  It was really great to have everyone with us on Sunday to celebrate Connor’s first birthday and, to be honest, our first year as parents.

Kevin, Jenny, and the kids came up from SC with a pit stop in Charlotte to see Jenny’s parents.  We really appreciate them making that long drive. 

Aunt Jenny with Henley and Connor.


Kim and Sara traded babies.  Sara had her miracle twins, Cora and Deacon (that’s him below), two weeks before Connor – and they were due the beginning of May.  Kim just had Kaitlyn on January 29th.


While Connor was eating cake, I played Pin the Tail on the Donkey with some of the kids.  Our old-school game was a hit.


People were everywhere and anywhere there was space.


Connor wasn’t too sure about all the people in his house, but he was very happy to see Ashley, his sitter.


Okay, who wants to see some people in sombreros?  Unlike in the pinata game, let’s go oldest to youngest.



Maxie and me.


And Henley.


Vanessa and I needed a couple more pictures for the slideshow we’ll have at the kids’ rehearsal dinner.  Connor has a thing for other babies’ heads.  I remember he “petted” Henley’s head at Christmas, and he couldn’t keep his hands off Karis’s noggin on Sunday.


It’s not too easy to get a one-year-old and a one-month-old to look in the camera’s direction at the same time, but at least their moms are pretty good at it.


All right, I think I’ve probably dragged these party posts out about as far as they’ll go, but I had to make sure I fully documented my little boy’s first birthday.  We had a wonderful day celebrating with everyone, and we really appreciate everyone taking the time to spend part of their Sunday with us.

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