Monday, February 2, 2015

(Recipe Recap) Spiced Apple & Banana Bundt Cake + some weekend stuff

The McHusband and I enjoyed our date night at the DPAC on Friday.  We saw 50 Shades! A Musical Parody.  I definitely enjoyed it more than the book – it was raunchy and funny and fun. 

I had a nice surprise on Saturday when I picked up a dollhouse for Shannon for Olivia’s birthday.  The sellers are moving to the Outer Banks and they were looking to get rid of a ton of stuff even if they had to give it away.  I mentioned having an almost-one-year-old at some point and just before I got in my car to leave, the wife asked, “Would you like one of those pull-behind bike things for your son?”  She said, “No charge, I would just like to see it go somewhere useful.”  I told her that if it would fit in my car, I’d love to take her up on her offer.  The dollhouse was already in the trunk so I did what I’m sure the McHusband would’ve done in the same situation: I shoved that sucker into the backseat.

Good thing I did because someone’s already a fan of the new toy.


On Sunday, after some bird-watching and book-reading, we headed up to our local Fantastic Sam’s for Connor’s first haircut.



Connor sat on my lap so I could help hold his head still as necessary.  The stylist was very patient and while it’s not a perfect haircut, she did a good job.



(Sorry I don’t have a better before, during, and after series for you guys.  I was there as a mom not a blogger. Smile)

The weekend wrapped up with a crockpot dinner and a Bundt cake. I had the overripe bananas as well as a reason to bake with them.  My office has a breakfast meeting this morning, and I like to take advantage of those to try new recipes.  You know I love my guinea pigs captive audiences.

You guys.  This cake is delicious!  I didn’t even make the frosting and it is fabulous.  I love the pieces of apple, and the spices work together perfectly.  Plus, it was really, really, REALLY easy to throw together.


I think everyone is going to go nuts over this cake, and you will too if you give it a try.



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