Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday randomness

If I weren’t already an Android user, I probably would be after this commercial.

Not only are the unlikely animal pairs adorable, but I love that song from Disney’s Robin Hood.  It takes me back to my wonderful days as a babysitter of the Schulte boys.

I had popcorn last night for the first time in almost a month and man did it hit the spot!  I love salty stuff almost as much as sweet stuff.  And when you put them together?  Delish!

My office is moving today so it will be a crazy-busy day, but at least there’ll be pizza for lunch.  I love a silver lining!

I have been really good with my exercise and eating for the past couple of weeks and someone I hadn’t run into at the Y for maybe three weeks or a month saw me last night and commented on me looking thinner.  I almost hugged her!  Whaddayouknow, that whole calories in vs. calories out thing really works.

Finally, we put an actual car seat in my car for Connor, and he rode in it for the first time on Wednesday.  He was quieter than usual on the way home, and I think he was trying to figure out what was different.


All right, this is the part where I say TGIF and wish you guys a wonderful weekend!  We are looking forward to seeing friends tomorrow and enjoying some warmer-than-is-seasonal temps all weekend long.

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