Monday, April 6, 2015

{Recipe Recap} Brownies with Malted Milk Ball Frosting + Easter weekend

I hope everyone had a good Easter, or at least enjoyed an Easter weekend that was a day longer than the normal weekend.  Like I told you guys last week, we had our family pictures in a park Friday morning, and I hope the photographer got some decent group shots of us.  We’ll find out in a couple weeks…

Saturday night, the McHusband, Connor, and I joined Terry, Vickie, Zachary, and Jennifer at On the Border for Jennifer’s belated birthday dinner.  Well, you know I can’t show up to someone’s birthday dinner without a treat!  Luckily, Jennifer was on board with malted milk so I whipped up a batch of brownies real quick that afternoon.  You may’ve seen my sous chef over there on the right helping me with clean-up duty.

I cheated and used a Duncan Hines boxed mix for my brownies.  They weren’t the star of the show so there was no reason to go all out making them amazing.


The main attraction was definitely the frosting.  I’m not even sure I’d say that the malt flavor came through super strong; it just worked extremely well with the rest of the flavors and made for a delicious frosting.


We liked these cold straight from the fridge.  Chilling the brownies let them be fudgy but a little firmer and the frosting was thicker and less gooey.  However, I had several of these at room temp, too, and I wouldn’t turn them down either way!


In case you’re wondering why my frosting is so colorful, it’s because I used those Robin’s Eggs as my malted milk balls instead of regular Whoppers.


I am already looking forward to using this frosting again, and I hope it won’t be NEXT Easter before I do.


Speaking of the holiday, let me show you a little bit of ours.  It was a fairly normal Sunday around here with house stuff, a long walk, and food prep.  And we might’ve had a visit from a certain oversized bunny.  He left behind some useful things like two hats and a swim shirt and didn’t forget Connor’s sweet tooth, leaving him some marshmallows.  A kids’ CD rounded things out.


The weather was gorgeous so we took advantage as much as we could.  The McHusband aerated and seeded the backyard and even put down some sod in one area.  I was pushing Connor in his swing and he was mesmerized by the mower.


You can see on the Instagram video that Connor’s turning into a little pro with his walker.


And he may be saying his first official word: bah! for ball.  He has some words that have meaning to him, and while he says “mum-mum-mum” and “dah,” I can’t say for sure that he means mom and dad when saying those things.  So yeah, “ball” may be his first word.  I just hope “mom” comes before “Monte!”

Hope the oversized hare was good to everyone!

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