Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pizza pizza!

I normally feed Connor really well rounded meals: meat, veggies, fruit.  Unless he’s eating pasta (with meat sauce) or the occasional sandwich, I don’t usually do any carbs with his meals as he tends to get those with snacks.

If only I ate as healthfully as Connor…

But I’m not a complete mom-ster.  Connor gets occasional treats and last night, he had some of my leftover pizza (from Monday night’s girls’ dinner) for dinner.  Thin crust with mushrooms and pancetta.  I didn’t even heat it up since I like my leftover pizza cold.

Guess who else likes his pizza cold?


I cut up most of the pizza but gave him a little slice to gnaw on and he did pretty good using his few front teeth to tear off a few bites.





(For the record, we rounded out his dinner with sweet potatoes, a little pork tenderloin, and some blueberries.)

I love that Connor’s still so open to the majority of the food we give him.  He can be iffy on meat (no plain grilled chicken for his kid), but he’s really good about eating everything else including veggies like cauliflower and green beans, and fish is one of his favorite foods.  Fingers crossed that these good eating habits stick around and continue to get better.


Happy Hump Day!

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