Friday, May 8, 2015


This has been a week…  Saturday afternoon, I noticed that Emma was looking weak, and I saw that her back end was wet.  It was urine. Sad smile  It was too late for the vet that day so I just did my best to keep an eye on her.  The McHusband and I bathed her Sunday morning and got her set up with some clean bedding, but she kept…leaking.  I know that’s not the right word, but she seemed to have no bladder control.  I figured she had a really bad UTI.


On Monday, my mom, who was up here taking care of Connor while Ashley was closed, was able to drop Emma off so the vet so they could work her into their schedule.  I had them do bloodwork and give her fluids and I took her home with an antibiotic.


But it was too late.

The next day, Tuesday, the bloodwork came back as kidney failure and it was obvious that she was failing fast.  Before talking to my mom, the McHusband and I set up an appointment to take Emma in at 4:00 to put her to sleep.  I called my mom to give her an update and through tears, my mom told me that…things weren’t good.  I couldn’t stand to think of Emma suffering til we could get her to the vet so my wonderful mom gathered Connor up after his nap and took him and Emma to the vet where she provided a loving lap for Emma’s last few moments.


I hate that we weren’t there with her, but I know she went peacefully while being held by someone who cared for her.  I am so grateful to my mom for accepting the bittersweet job of helping one of our pets cross the rainbow bridge.


A few things about Emma.  Emma was 15 and she was an inside-only cat until just a few years ago when we couldn’t solve some behavioral issues so the cats got moved outside.  She loved yogurt and popcorn.  She “drank” water by scooping it with her paw and licking it off.  She was skittish, but she would surprise me with who she’d put up with.  Like Connor.  As recently as last week, she would let him “pet” her, which wasn’t always the nicest of pats.  And I remember soon after we got Morgan, when she, as a four-month-old puppy, was still figuring out exactly what her sisters were, got Tori trapped in a corner.  Tori let out a cry for help and Emma went running to the rescue, hissing and spitting and swatting at Morgan.


I don’t think Morgan ever forgot that.


And we won’t forget Miss Emma.


Gma said...

RIP Sweet Emma. And a huge shout out to the doctor and staff at the Holly Springs Veterinary Clinic. They were so kind and compassionate and offered a gentle touch to the arm during the procedure and a big hug after they helped me and Connor out to the car.

Bob said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry, you guys. I remember Emma peeking out of the window at the old house. She was a beautiful kitty!

Erika said...

I'm so sorry! :( I'm sure kitty heaven is a wonderful place! Hang in there!