Monday, May 11, 2015

My second Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was mostly a normal Sunday although it started and ended with food that the McHusband was responsible for so that right there is enough to make for a great day.

Our breakfast was an Overnight French Toast Casserole that we assembled together Saturday night.  I loved the praline topping, but the McHusband didn’t love how it was still grainy after baking.


After Connor’s nap and lunch, he and the McHusband ran a couple errands, leaving me all alone in the house.  I can’t lie: it was nice to have the time to myself even if I did spend most of it cleaning up the kitchen, doing laundry, and dusting the den.

I was rewarded with a lovely bouquet of tulips and they go perfectly with the accent color in the den.  Good job, McHusband!


The afternoon was more of the usual: a walk with the boys that turned into a jog when it started raining, home for a nap (Connor), laundry and a little Grey’s (me), and flower planting (the McHusband).  I told the McHusband that I’d like some pre-planted pots for the front porch so he picked up a pot and the flowers along with a new tree for the front yard, and he did the work himself.


(For my local peeps, go to Broadwell’s in Angier for your landscaping needs.  Great selection at amazing prices.  That huge tree?  Only $40!  But remember to bring cash, they don’t take cards.)

I had planned to have glazed salmon for dinner, but the McHusband mentioned him making dinner or picking something up, like sushi, and I quickly changed my mind from wanting to make dinner to wanting it delivered.


(Kobe in Holly Springs has great sushi.)

All in all, it was a very nice Mother’s Day.  As you can see, Connor was quite unimpressed by the day being all about me.


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