Friday, May 1, 2015

Another Friday at home!

April has been a good month. I haven’t worked a single five-day week.

The first week, I was out Thursday at 2 and then we were closed for Good Friday.  The next week, I left at noon on Friday so we could get to SC, and then I took that following Monday off.  Last week, I was home for my birthday, and this week I’m at home today.

Connor’s daycare is closed because Ashley, the sitter, is getting married on Saturday so I’m at home with him today.  I have a few plans, like getting groceries, maybe seeing a friend, and hopefully getting outside if the weather cooperates.  I want to get some of the usual weekend cleaning done, too, so that over the next couple of days when it’s more of a sure thing that the weather will be nice, we can take full advantage of it.

I’ve been looking forward to the extra time with Connor.  I feel like the weekends are just full of to-do lists, and it will be nice to have some extra QT with my main man little guy.

I haven’t done a Connor update in much too long, but I plan to write one in the next few weeks since he’s about 15 months old.  I know, when did that happen?!  Didn’t I JUST go back to work when he was 7 weeks old?

Finally, I’ll leave you with this funny video.  The thing with the guy and the purse toward the end?  That’s totally the McHusband.  In fairness, though, the girl talking while the husband brushes his teeth?  Yeah, that’s kinda me, except I’m talking to the McHusband from the stairs while he sits at the kitchen table near the laundry room where the washing machine is running.  (Sorry to those of you who haven’t been to my house and can’t quite picture the scene, but I think you probably can imagine how things work out.)

May 1st, wow.  This year is flying by.  Is it just me, or do you guys feel the same way?

TGIF and have a great weekend!

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