Monday, May 4, 2015

Good help is(n’t) hard to find

The McHusband and I each had our helpers yesterday.

The McHusband was in the yard digging out the dirt so that some edgers would fit in around areas that will be mulched.  Monte, of course, took it upon himself to supervise.



Monte made sure to check out each section as the McHusband finished.


He was very thorough, inspecting from all sides.


“Good work!”  This part gets Monte’s stamp of approval.  And watch out, it’s a really wet stamp.


All that supervising is hard work, donchaknow.  Monte alternated taking his breaks in shade


and in the sun.


The McHusband enclosed three areas with the edgers and my favorite is this one right off the patio.  See the heart?


The McHusband worked really hard out there both days this weekend and unfortunately he’s not done since mulch will still need to be spread.  I’m sure Monte will be a big help with that, too.


While the big boys were outside playing in the dirt, Connor and I were inside cleaning the dirty house.  I’m lucky that Connor doesn’t have to be entertained 24/7, and he can find fun in the ordinary.


Now if I can just teach him to clean windows instead of putting his hands all over them…


We were so happy to get lots of time in the sunshine this weekend.  Fingers crossed that spring lasts a while and doesn’t turn straight into summer as it likes to do here in NC.

Hope you guys also enjoyed some fun in the sun!

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