Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Guess what I did Monday morning?  I ran!  Since we moved, I haven’t done any REAL exercise besides walking (although some of those walks were hilly and fast) and, back closer to the move (I feel like I should start writing THE MOVE because it was such a major event for me this year), there was a lot of lugging heavy boxes up and down stairs.  But I haven’t been back to the Y since…the first week of August, I think.  No, actually, I think it was the last week of July.  And to think, in 2013, when I spent more than half the year pregnant, I earned a t-shirt for being one of the top 100 attendees.  Hope they don’t want that back…

Anyway, so I got up at 4:20, got myself dressed and out the door, ready to turn on some music and see how far I could go on what was a really nice morning.  Halfway down my driveway, my iPod dies.  Womp womp.  It had shown almost a full battery but it lied.  Ugh.  But I was committed to the run at that point so I did a little walking warm-up before picking up the pace.  I really had no idea how far I’d get before I needed to walk.  One minute?  Ten?  I ran a fairly hilly route out and back and then had a big hill to get up to get back in the neighborhood.  Knowing I had another hill pretty much immediately, I gave myself a 50-second walk break and that was at the 16-minute mark.  Not too bad for someone who hasn’t done much huffing and puffing in way too long.  I finished up my run about 7 minutes later without any additional walk breaks.

It wasn’t as long a run as I would’ve liked, but I didn’t exactly jump out of bed so I lost a few minutes to the snooze button.  But still, it was better than nothing and certainly was a great way to start my week.  I was a little sore during the day on Monday and my quads were even a little more sore yesterday.  But that was to be expected and honestly, I was surprised they didn’t hurt worse.  They might have if I’d gone longer so it was probably a good thing I reached my finish line when I did.

Another pop quiz for you: Guess what I did last night?  I went to boot camp at the Y!  It was so nice to see all my boot camp buddies and sweat alongside them during an amazing workout.  Misery loves company, don’t you know. 

(I’m writing this too soon to say for sure how sore I am, but I’m pretty sure I’m hurting today.)

I hope to get back to the Y for my muscle class on Thursday so that I can officially have a good foothold on the exercise thing.  It’d be one thing if I just weren’t exercising but my diet’s been terrible, too, and that’s not a good combination according to my pants.  So before I need to invest in bigger clothes, it’s time to put myself a little higher on the priority list.

Fingers crossed that I can keep the momentum going!

PS  Happy 10-year wedding anniversary to Chelle and Jeremy today!

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