Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Windows 10 + coconut oil

Anyone else download the new free Windows 10 upgrade?  I ignored it for a long time and finally decided to give it a try.  Everything seemed fine til I was online and I got a blue screen telling me about  a “Page Fault in Nonpaged Area.”  But don’t worry, there was a colon-parentheses emoticon of a sad face so it wasn’t serious. 

Thanks for the reassurance, Microsoft.

I finally read up about how to fix things and meandered my way through the start menu to where I could restore my previous version of Windows and so far that seems to have solved my problem.

I’m just one person who isn’t very technical, but if you’re considering downloading the upgrade, my advice would be don’t.  Let other people deal with the bugs first and then you can get the new and improved 10.1 version.

On to something new that I tried that DID work though.  So a little personal info first: I like to get my underarms waxed.  Okay, I don’t actually enjoy the process – I’m not a masochist – but I enjoy the results.  But I’d go broke if I went back to the waxer every time the hair intermittently grew out.  So I spent about $10 on a Nad’s wax strip kit and I try to do some in-between maintenance myself.  This stuff actually works really well and unlike Windows 10, I do recommend Nad’s.

But that’s not my something new.  See, the kit comes with, like, three little wipes for getting the waxy residue off.  But there are 25 wax strips!  I’m not known for my math skills but even I can see that things don’t add up.  The instructions recommend baby oil as a substitution but guess what?  I’m probably the only person who has a baby who DOESN’T have baby oil.  Oops.  However, I had the idea to try coconut oil since it’s supposed to be good for a million and one things.  Make that a million and two: it removes waxy residue!

So, to recap:

1) Don’t download Windows 10. 

2) Give Nad’s a chance.

3) Coconut oil is awesome!

Keep your fingers crossed for my laptop and it going back to the earlier version of Windows.  I don’t know what I was thinking anyway.  Me, the biggest creature of habit ever, downloading something new like that? 

Thank goodness the coconut oil worked out though.  I really don’t want to know how that could’ve turned out had it been an unsuccessful experiment.

PS  Happy belated birthday to Leah!


Sara said...

Just curious, but what version of Windows did you start with? I had 8 on my personal laptop and was super happy to upgrade to 10. But I've got 7 at work and could definitely see not wanting to change it.

McHusband said...

Nearly 100% sure she was running W7 before updating to 10.

My mom said...

My computer guy, brad, has always advised not to download newest upgrade...wait a while.