Monday, September 28, 2015


I almost had a really big surprise waiting for me when I got home from work on Friday.

The McHusband had found my car – the same one I’m driving now – but in the really pretty blue color that I prefer.  It was at a dealership in VA and he asked about it then told me that it already had a buyer.


Well, in reality, he was throwing me off so he could go up to the dealership, check the car out, buy it, and drive it home so when I tried to pull into my spot in the garage, I’d find that pretty blue car with a big red ribbon and bow on it.

How fun would that be?  For both of us (but especially for me).

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out.  The car’s exterior wasn’t up to our McStandards and with that beautiful blue paint color, we wanted it looking great.

I had to share all that because the McHusband deserves credit for his intentions.  I can’t believe he went to all that trouble – the research, the planning, the day off work – to surprise me with a car.  I wish it had worked out, for both of us, but it was still amazing to know that he tried to do this for me.

I have a pretty awesome husband, don’t I? Smile

All is not lost though.  Kevin, the McHusband’s brother, found another blue TL Type S for sale by a private seller in Nevada.  It looks like that car may just have my name on it.

Keep your fingers crossed that this one works out.

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