Monday, September 21, 2015

What a nice weekend

Connor isn’t in full-blown terrible-twos tantrum-throwing mode, but since we moved he has seemed a little…hormonal.  Just running hot one minute, cold the next with seemingly no explanation for the switch.  I can’t blame him, I know my moods have been up and down since we moved, too.  But just like I’m finally feeling a little more normal, I think he is, too.

The McHusband actually took Connor to the doctor Friday afternoon.  Daycare called to say that he had a slight fever, wasn’t quite himself,  and maybe had a rash on his chest.  They’d had an outbreak of Hand, Foot, and Mouth so they were justifiably paranoid.  Luckily there wasn’t anything wrong with Connor and he and the McHusband had a little extra time together while I had my hair appointment.

We started Saturday with sleeping in then we walked with Monte up to the Dog Day in the Park in town.  It’s so nice that our new house is right next to a local park that has greenways connected it to two other parks.


All of us had a great time.  By the time we wandered through and socialized, Monte was hot and tired but we still had to walk home.  He couldn’t wait to find some tall grass in the shade to plop down in but we had to forge ahead so no rest for the weary.


I felt bad for Monte as we walked by the lake that was taunting him as the big water bowl he wasn’t allowed to drink from so I decided to let him quench his thirst.  Well, before I knew it, he was shoulder-deep in the water, walking around with his mouth open like that whale filtering out the water to eat the krill.  So guess who got to give Monte a bath when we got home? #itwasme


Saturday night was a normal pre-move night with dinner with friends and a bonfire afterparty.  It was so nice to just hang out with everyone, I just can’t even tell you how refreshing it was.

Sunday was mostly stuff around the house.  The McHusband worked on the invisible fence and got the little cat door installed in the door from the sunporch to outside so Tori can get in and out without us leaving the door propped open for other creatures like birds (yes, I saw one in the sunporch) or anything bigger to get in.


I did my cleaning and laundry and got the crockpot cooking our dinner, all while chasing after my little toddler-nado.  Seriously, he never stops.

Connor was just in a great mood all weekend.  He has his new lawnmower toy from Grammie and Papaw (Thank you!) that he just loved to push all over the place.  We heard lots of animal sounds (Connor’s version of “meow” and “woof”) and we practiced our body parts, we ran circles around the downstairs, and Connor helped me vacuum (minus the vacuum being plugged in and actually sucking up any dirty).

These are the kinds of weekend where I can see how people decide to add to their families.  Not me, but those other people. Smile  It’s going to take more than two nice days to make me want to start over again. 

Like a lot of tequila.

Happy Monday to you guys!

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Grammie said...

Yep, those little wrens can build a nest and settle in in less time than your workday. Probably would provide good entertainment for Tori!