Friday, September 25, 2015

Four hours

So I went to the Y last night as planned, but I didn’t take the muscle conditioning class like I wanted.  My lower half was just too sore to put those muscles through their paces again.  I mean, lowering myself onto the toilet to pee was painful, there was no way I was going to be able to do multiple reps of squats and lunges.  Instead, I hit the cardio machines upstairs and torched about 600 calories that way.

While I was elliptical-ing my butt off (hopefully literally), I was reading a recent issue of Women’s Health and I saw this little blurb.


And you know what?  I totally agree.  If suddenly my boss told me I could start leaving at 4:00 four days a week, I would absolutely try to get to the Y for a workout or go for a run before picking Connor up.  How awesome it would be to get in my exercise before the evening rush and then have time for my family and house and myself.  Not to mention I’d avoid the evening commute that I normally suffer through.

How about you guys?  What would you use those four hours for?  I admit, there are weeks when I’d probably just like to save up a chunk of time for an epic nap, but I prefer to be awake during my “me time.”  Unless I’m absolutely exhausted (instead of just really really tired like usual), I will always choose to catch up on some TV or do some blogging – or both at once – rather than snooze.  I find that I need to be awake to get that mental reset.  Yes, a nap helps offset physical fatigue, but time all to myself helps with my mental fatigue.

Looks like we have a rainy weekend on tap around here.  The upside to that is it might keep the McHusband inside, and I just might have a few projects he can help me with (hint hint).

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

PS  Happy early birthday to Chase who turns seven tomorrow.

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McMom said...

I just bet jim would grant your wishes..or, you could come to work an hour earlier in the morning!