Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday the 5th

So how many of you are back at it, grinding away at work like me today?  It was kinda weird to have yesterday off but not today.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about the random vacation day.  Our office voted to work today and instead have Christmas Eve, which is a Tuesday, as a company holiday.

So anyway, how’d I spend my Fourth?  I slept in, baked a Bundt cake (What’s more American than a Bundt cake?), and made some light-ish homemade vanilla ice cream.  Okay, I guess that might be more American than a Bundt cake.

The McHusband and I walked the dogs and when we got back, Monte found the first a/c vent and plopped down with his tongue hanging out.  Silly puppy.

The McHusband ended up joining our friends out at the lake but I opted to stay home as planned and just have a chill day.  And by “chill day,” I mean spend the afternoon sweating outside laying out trying to get a base tan before I head to the beach next week.  Monte must’ve been suffering from short-term amnesia because he wanted to come out on the deck with me.


He didn’t last very long.

My plan for a base tan worked great on my front, and a little too well on my back.  I’ll spare you the topless picture I shared with Shannon and Heather, but just imagine someone who hadn’t been out in the sun at all spending two hours in the hot afternoon sun, most of that time on the stomach apparently.  As Heather so succinctly put it: “Ouch!”

I tried a new recipe for baked beans and made our tried-and-true turkey burgers, but I used chopped jalapenos instead of their milder cousins the green chilies.  Delicious as always.


The McHusband finished off the ice cream while we watched some TV last night. 


I have to say, it was really good and definitely didn’t taste light.  It was easy to make, too.  I put the ice cream maker back in the freezer so I can use it again sooner than later.

As usual, Morgan was under our feet once the neighbors started setting off fireworks.  Luckily, Monte seemed unaffected by all the patriotic racket.  Hope the trend continues through the weekend since I know there’ll be more fireworks.


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McMom said...

Maybe you would have gotten a more even burn at the lake.... McMom