Monday, July 22, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Dark Chocolate Gelato

Not only do I need to get the last of this stuff out of my house, but I need to get this post written so I can get the delicious taste of this ice cream out of my head.


This homemade ice cream looked too good to be true.  No eggs to turn into a custard?  Only 6 simple ingredients?  No straining?  I simply HAD to make it.


I’d bought some Dutch-processed cocoa a few months ago when I was in Penzey’s SpicesDutch-processed cocoa isn’t easy to find, but I have several recipes, like one for brownies that’s gotten rave reviews, that use it.


This ice cream was super smooth and the flavor was so rich, I actually felt satisfied after just a normal amount – a little less than a cup – of it as opposed to eating the majority of it in one sitting.


This isn’t necessarily the ice cream for just anyone who thinks they really like chocolate.  You have to like a stronger, dark chocolate flavor.  It’s still plenty sweet, but it’s no Breyer’s (and that’s a good thing).


I’m sending the last of this stuff into the office with the McHusband.  I portioned it out into three little containers so his coworkers can grab them out of the freezer and have a treat.  The McHusband works with the biggest bunch of chocoholics, which is good for me because I always have a willing group of guinea pigs at my disposal.


Shawn would really like this gelato so I will have to make it again when I know I’ll see him.  I’m not sure if Heather’d like it; she’s a confirmed chocoholic, but sometimes she doesn’t go for the darker stuff.  But I’m thinking she’d appreciate the chance to decide for herself. Smile


Hope you all had a good weekend.  I was batching it as the McHusband was off to the beach for his annual Guys’ Weekend/Mustang Week.  I pretty much had a normal weekend: the Y, my own honey-do list, some baking (you should DEFINITELY make this zucchini bread), and a homemade dinner (again, something I’d recommend) for my wonderful husband.

I’ll try not to let this be a one-post week like last week, but we’ll see how things go.

Have a wonderful Monday!

{Recipe here}

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