Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I made a mess

But it was for a good cause.


I made not one but two frostings last night.  One was my yummy vanilla buttercream that Vickie requested for her birthday cupcakes, the flavor of which is still a surprise, and the other was, well, it was something I’ve never made before.  I’ll update you guys sometime soon, but my lips are sealed as to what that frosting and the bars it went on were. 

Well, they’re sealed until our girls’ dinner at Pei Wei, a.k.a. the poor (wo)man’s PF Chang’s, tonight when my mouth will open wide to let some treats in.


Halfway through the week!  And can you believe it’s the last day before August?  August is when school starts, which signals the official end of summer, which means the days’ll be shorter, which means winter’s right around the corner, which means there’re less than 150 shopping days left until Christmas!

Okay, maybe I’m speeding the clock up a little, but seriously, where has 2013 gone?  Anyone else wondering the same thing?

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