Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{Recipe Recap} Peanut Butter Marshmallow Pillowtop Bars

Kevin and Jenny got me this cookbook at my request for my birthday.  It didn’t get published until after my birthday so it was about mid-May or so before I got it, but I still can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make one of Averie’s recipes. 

The McHusband and I went to dinner with Shawn, Vanessa, Heather, and Bruce on Saturday and you know I love an opportunity to use my friends as guinea pigs.  It was sort of a last-minute decision, but luckily I had everything I needed to make these bars.


I put chocolate chips on only half the bars so the McHusband wouldn’t say I ruined these with chocolate.


The bottom layer is made from old-fashioned oats, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and white chocolate chips.  It seemed like the general consensus was that the oats were unexpected and people needed to warm up to them.


I didn’t mind the oats and thought the bars were generally pretty good.  VERY peanut butter-y.


These had a little bit of everything going on in the texture department.  A little harder and chewier on the bottom, then pretty soft in the middle, and then the topmost layer had just a touch of crackle to it.


I liked that these were super easy to make, but they weren’t my favorite bars ever.  That’s okay though; there are plenty more recipes in the book that I’m looking forward to making to see if they’re my favorite.

It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.

{Recipe here}

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