Tuesday, April 8, 2014

An admission

I might’ve gotten teary-eyed this morning after I got Connor ready and it was time to send him on to daycare.  The little stinker had the gall to be all happy and smiley this morning, which melted even my ice cold heart.

That must be why my eyes were leaking, the fluid had to go somewhere. Smile

The McHusband dropped Connor off and I picked him up.  When I arrived, he was happy laying on the play mat with the other kids and babysitter around him.  After a short snooze in my arms at home (unlike Sunday, I was happy to hold him for a while) and a snack, he was quite happy to hang out in his chair.


My first day back in the office went very well, and I was happy to be among the tall people.  In a perfect world, I’d work three days a week so I could spend more than my weekends raising my child.  But I don’t live in that world so I will work during the week and make the most of the time we do have together.

Happy Tuesday!


Grammie said...

Gotta love that SMILE! Grammie

Gma said...

I'm with Grammie - that smile is too stinkin' cute!

Grammie said...

And his eyes don't disappear.....grammie