Monday, April 7, 2014

“Vacation” is over

Seven weeks at home with Connor and now it’s back to the real world.  A different real world than I lived in prior to February 15th and one that’ll take some getting used to.

As I’m writing this on Sunday just before 6:00, Connor is in the Bjorn, where he has spent the majority of his non-eating time today.  He hasn’t napped like he should, which means I’ve had a pretty terrible day.  I don’t know what is up with him, but he only wants to sleep when attached to/being held by someone.  He had no problem snoozing in the Bjorn while I vacuumed and swept and putzed around the house, but swaddled in his crib?  He lasted about 5 minutes.

Anyway, all this complaining is to explain that Sunday didn’t go exactly as planned and I have no idea how the rest of the week will go.  I’m going to anticipate the worst and hope it’s not as bad as I expect, but I don’t think I’m going to be too lucky there.  I don’t know that I’ll do any real blogging this week considering my evenings will mostly likely be spent putting Connor to bed, which can take anywhere from one hour to three, showering, washing and filling bottles, pumping, preparing for the next day, and trying to get in bed at a halfway decent hour (before 11:00) so that I’m not falling asleep at the wheel driving to work in the mornings.

(Note: I won’t be on my own in the evenings, the McHusband’ll be right there with me.  I don’t want you guys to think this won’t be a team effort.)

Most women cry when they think about leaving their babies at daycare upon their return to the working world; I would cry thinking about having several more weeks at home.  As of this writing on Sunday, I’m very much looking forward to having the break during the day and doing my own thing (as much as I can while working for someone else).  I hope Connor gets more rewarding and makes me want to stay home but until then, I’m very happy to be back at work.

P.S. Happy due date to Jenny!  Yep, April 7th is a date we’ve both been anticipating for quite a while.Smile


Gina said...

Ha ha, I'm glad that going back to work isn't torture for you :) The first couple of months are awful, at least in my WILL get better! Don't send him back quite yet!

Erika said...

Thought of you and Connor often today. Hope you both had a good day!

Jenny said...

Love your honesty Steph!! We will probably be right there with you very soon! Hopefully Connor's newest cousin will make her appearance soon.