Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birthday dinner

We girls celebrated not one but two birthdays with dinner at Outback last night.  Vanessa’s birthday was May 24th and Heather’s was this past Monday.  Vickie was sitting between them so there was no escaping the photo op for her.


I made a birthday treat for both of them.  Heather’s only request was that hers have “that wonderful chocolate frosting” and Vanessa mentioned using candy in hers.  So I made some marshmallow cookie bars for Heather and covered them in the frosting, and I made some Milky Way Cheesecake Brownies for Vanessa.


I liked both treats.  The cookie bars were over-the-top sweet so a predilection for sugar is a must if you’re going to like these.  Lucky for Sara, Heather, and me, we three were blessed with just such a propensity.  The cheesecake part of Vanessa’s brownies cut the sweetness of those a bit so they were good for people like Chelle and Vanessa who prefer a little less sugar.  Because of Connor’s dairy issue, I only had a taste of the brownie when I was cutting them up.  Cheesecake isn’t normally my favorite, but I have to say, these were quite tasty.  There was one left at the end of dinner so I took it home and put it in the freezer.  I think this weekend might mark the end of my adventures in breastfeeding so bring on the milk products!

I have to give credit where credit’s due.  I had a little help in the kitchen with Heather’s treat.


We girls had such a lovely dinner.  We met at 5:30 and I didn’t leave until 8:00.  It’s always so nice for all of us to be together to catch up and just enjoy the company.  Vickie, I can’t wait to do it all over again next month for your birthday!


McMom said...

I think you have the cutest helper ever! Looks like a workout in itself! McMom

Anonymous said...

The goodies looked good!

Anonymous said...

Let's try this again, I don't think my comment posting abilities are working hahaha.
The goodies looked good! Glad y'all had a good time. Happy Birthday to Heather and Vanessa.