Friday, June 27, 2014

Loving lately

Remember that dress I wore for the wedding in NY at the end of May?  It was pretty daring with that high slit, but I loved the rest of the dress so much that I was willing to sit funny all night to ensure I didn’t have any Hollywood moments.


My legs weren’t – and still aren’t – in the shape they once were (I’m working on that) and needed all the help they could get if they were going to be playing peekaboo all night long.  As I’ve always said, tan fat looks better than white fat.

I’m not a fan of tanning lotions because they smell funny and tend to rub or sweat off.  I’ve never done a spray tan, but that option just didn’t appeal to me because I had to find time to do it, it’s not cheap, and you can’t take a shower for so many hours afterward.  So I turned to something that seemed to be a good mix of those two options: Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

I read some good reviews and figured it would be worth the $12 to give it a try.  I applied it Friday morning for the event that night.  The spray had a bit of an odor but nothing offensive and I didn’t smell it once I was done with the application process.  The spray washed off my hands easily and completely.  My legs felt dry and not sticky at all within minutes – probably A minute – of rubbing this stuff on.  I was a huge fan already and I hadn’t even left the house!

I like that the spray has little reflective bits in it so your legs have a nice sheen to them.  I chose the lightest color because my legs belie the red hair in my family tree – they are WHITE.  Even when the rest of me tans, my legs tend to stay pretty pale.  The color was perfect for me.  It was just the right amount and there wasn’t a trace of the feared orange tan-in-a-can faux glow.

This stuff is supposed to be water resistant, and I would agree with that.  It’s not necessarily going to all come off in the shower unless you scrub.  Minus the shower, it will run if you, say, go to an outdoor boot camp class on a hot and super humid evening and do a Tabata-style workout.  I’ve slept with this stuff on twice and didn’t wake up to streaked sheets, and I’ve never noticed it on my clothes or car seat.

I have been Airbrushing my legs every time I wear a dress or skirt since the wedding so I’ve used it enough now to know if it’s a good product or not.

Verdict?  This stuff is great!  If you’re looking for a tan-in-a-can on a budget, Sally Hansen has you covered.  Literally.

TGIF!  Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!  I’m looking forward to a pedicure-and-lunch date with Heather tomorrow, then we might have some visitors on Sunday if the McInlaws decide to come up.  Other than that, we’ll just divide our time between being productive around the house and keeping Connor happy.

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