Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fake Father’s Day

Like I said yesterday, I’d left a little something for the McHusband to find when he got home from the beach so he’d be greeted by something fun since Connor and I weren’t home.



The McHusband recently moved offices at work and now he has a window so he’d been asking me if I had any extra plants in the house that he could take.  I didn’t, and I told him we’d get him one.  I figured Father’s Day was the perfect time to get him something he needed and probably wasn’t expecting.


Connor and I went to Home Depot on Saturday and got the pot and three little indoor plants for it.  I transplanted them that night.  I hope the pothos plan on the left doesn’t take over.  The good thing about that one is the McHusband can keep it trimmed back and it’ll do just fine.


The other “real” gifts were a framed picture of Connor for the McHusband’s office and another set of tongs because we only had one pair and it seemed like half the time, they were dirty when we needed them.


Finally, I threw in the Zero Bar and it’s probably a good thing I did since my cake was a little overbaked.



Happy Father’s Day to my McHusband.  I am so grateful to have you as a partner, and I am lucky that you love me.  You are doing a great job as a dad; if Connor could talk, he’d say, “You’re the best, Dad!”


I couldn’t ask for anything more because I already have everything I could possibly need and want.  I love you, McHusband.  Thank you for all you do for our little family.

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